bite the hand that feeds you | Clint & Barney

The first thing Barney realized once he stirred was that he was in laying in mud.

He groaned quietly in pain, trying to remember what in the hell had happened to him. His body ached as he pushed himself up onto his knees, and his arm never felt more sore as he raised it to brush the mud off his cheek. Nothing seemed broken, at least. The archer, once the haze faded from his mind, searched his pockets and found that his weapons were missing.

Except for his crossbow. It sat beside of him innocently and undisturbed, nestled on the side of the creek. Barney swallowed thickly and looked around, discovering that he was in… the woods? Confusion settled in, but before he could think much about it, he heard twigs snapping behind him and his instincts kicked in. He swiftly grabbed his bow, stood and turned, prepared to fire at whatever the hell was coming towards him.

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    Clint gave a short nod, wincing as he did so. “Why would I get excited about it?” he muttered. “You haven’t given a damn...
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    As much as Barney didn’t like to make a truce with Clint, to be anywhere close to being his ally, it was necessary. He...